Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rock-Scissors-Paper じゃんけん

  1. The game of Rock-Scissors-Paper is played to decide things like order of participation (playing order) or victory or defeat in trifling games. 
  2. じゃんけんは、順番を決めたり、ちょっとした勝負をつけたりするときに行うゲームで、「じゃんけんぽん」と言いながら、同時に手を出すのです。 
  3. While saying "jan-ken-pon," players put one hand forward in a fist--stone (gu)--or with two fingers protruding--scissors (choki)--or with all fingers completely open--paper (pa).  
  4. 握りこぶし(グー)は「石」、2本指(チョキ)は「はさみ」、開いた手(パー)は「紙」を意味します。 
  5. Victory is determined with stone breaking scissors, scissors cutting paper, or paper covering stone. 
  6. 石ははさみに、はさみは紙に、紙は石に勝つことができます。
  7. When everybody puts forward the same shape, or when all the three kinds of shape is put forward, they keep on playing, saying "it's a tie" (aiko-desho) until the winner is decided.
  8. 全員が同じものを出すか、3種類がすべて出たときは「あいこでしょ」と言って、勝負がつくまで繰り返し行います。

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